We’re medically cleared for transfer!

Tuesday morning we got a call from our surrogate Ashley with the news we’ve been waiting months for – she’s been medically cleared by our clinic! When she texted our group chat I sat and happy cried for a few minutes while I was processing it all. This is it. Medically speaking, we’re ready to go. Our first embryo transfer is now on the horizon.

I have so much optimism going into this next phase, and Ashley’s enthusiasm and excitement is helping me keep any of my anxiety at bay. There are still a number of steps between now and a transfer, plus we have to hope that her body will respond well to the medication she’s prescribed before the transfer. There’s a ton of the unknown in this process, but I’m just so overjoyed that we’re finally at that point where there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

The next step is finalizing our legal contracts, which is a big step in formalizing the journey on paper, but this milestone just feels like a huge one and I’m in the mood to celebrate.


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