Surrogacy journeys and family support

Lately Zane and I have been getting a lot of questions from others considering surrogacy about what our family thinks of this journey we’re on. It’s a fair question – surrogacy is not something people encounter often, and families can find questions surrounding fertility to be intensely emotional and can have strong opinions guided byContinue reading “Surrogacy journeys and family support”

Match Game: The ‘dating phase’

Baden and I are currently in the ‘matching’ phase of our surrogacy journey. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means we are currently trying to match with a surrogate but have not yet found ‘the one’. This is an exciting but nerve-wracking part of the surrogacy journey and one that is incredibly important. HavingContinue reading “Match Game: The ‘dating phase’”

About us (because we’re more than just Intended Parents!)

Before Zane and I were ‘Intended Parents’ or ‘that couple behind the Not My Tummy blog’, we were just Zane and Baden (Zaden to certain friends!). In fact, until about a year ago, we were fairly private about our fertility journey. While we’ve always dreamed of having children, there’s a whole lot more to knowContinue reading “About us (because we’re more than just Intended Parents!)”

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week

Today marks the beginning of Canadian Infertility Awareness Week 2021. Infertility affects roughly 16% of the Canadian population, and in honour of the individuals and couples affected by infertility, we’re using our platform to share some important facts with you. Let’s start at the beginning: what is infertility? The clinical definition of infertility is aContinue reading “Canadian Infertility Awareness Week”

Baseline testing: the results

After visiting our clinic back in February for a series of tests, we were eager to meet with our fertility doctor and hear the results. Fortunately for us everything is looking great! Let’s start with Baden’s details: The anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is one way to measure ovarian reserve. It is a simple blood test thatContinue reading “Baseline testing: the results”

Building a profile and telling your story

How do you show a snapshot of your entire lives in just a handful of pictures and paragraphs? These are the questions we found ourselves asking this week when we began to create our profile on our surrogacy agency’s website. This daunting task felt like building a dating profile and in many ways it is.Continue reading “Building a profile and telling your story”

Picking an agency (or going ‘indy’): Part 2

We have exciting news to share! After months of careful research, we have decided on pursuing our surrogacy journey with the help of an agency instead of through an independent journey. (If you haven’t read the first part of this article, I would highly recommend doing so.) This was not a decision we took lightlyContinue reading “Picking an agency (or going ‘indy’): Part 2”

The myth of the vain Intended Mother

When Kim Kardashian came forward a few years ago stating that she would be working with a gestational surrogate to have her third child, the media exploded. It seemed like everyone had something to say about Kim’s choice, and very little of it was kind. Even the people I knew who didn’t typically follow celebrityContinue reading “The myth of the vain Intended Mother”

Picking an agency (or going ‘indy’): Part 1

Perhaps we’re biased, because we’re in the thick of it now, but finding the right match is probably the most difficult part of the surrogacy journey. While surrogacy doesn’t require a paid agency in Canada, it is often a helpful resource for IPs and surrogates alike. We are going to break down our agency evaluationContinue reading “Picking an agency (or going ‘indy’): Part 1”