Surrogacy update: 24 weeks

We’ve finally reached 24 weeks! This point in the pregnancy is often referred to as ‘reaching viability’, because that’s when most doctors agree that a baby has a chance of survival outside the womb. While we’re definitely not ready for baby’s arrival just yet (stay snug, little one!), it’s exciting to know that we haveContinue reading “Surrogacy update: 24 weeks”

Setting up our baby registry with Babylist!

We’ve finally reached an exciting milestone in our journey to Baby Colt – setting up our first baby registry! With our surrogacy and infertility journey, I’ve had plenty of time to think (and overthink) a lot of things, including where to register. While I initially wasn’t sure, the decision became clear when a stumbled acrossContinue reading “Setting up our baby registry with Babylist!”