Our surrogacy contracts are signed!

An incredibly important part of any surrogacy contract are the contracts, sometimes referred to as the surrogacy agreement, signed between IPs and surrogates. This contract can look substantially different based on each journey, jurisdiction, and the personal preferences of everyone involved. What’s important to note is that much of the elements of a surrogacy agreementContinue reading “Our surrogacy contracts are signed!”

We’re medically cleared for transfer!

Tuesday morning we got a call from our surrogate Ashley with the news we’ve been waiting months for – she’s been medically cleared by our clinic! When she texted our group chat I sat and happy cried for a few minutes while I was processing it all. This is it. Medically speaking, we’re ready toContinue reading “We’re medically cleared for transfer!”

Surrogacy psychological evaluations

In an earlier blog post (over a year ago!) we mentioned that ‘building our team’ involved five key players: a lawyer, a doctor (clinic), an agency, a counselor, and of course, a surrogate. Over the past year, we have been working to build our team and are finally able to say that it is complete.Continue reading “Surrogacy psychological evaluations”

Our surrogate’s medical screening appointment!

Last week our surrogate Ashley and her husband drove into Toronto for her medical screening appointment at Create Fertility Centre. This was the first of many exciting moments for us together as an IP/surrogate team – even though she’s already received pre-clearance from her family doctor and our surrogacy agency, it is ultimately up toContinue reading “Our surrogate’s medical screening appointment!”

We felt the spark, and now we’re (re)matched! 

In January when our previous match fell through, we took it hard. Sarah, our former surrogate, had already become a great friend, and we’d really invested the time to build an important bond. Coming to terms with moving forward in our surrogacy journey without her, and having to begin our search all over again, wasContinue reading “We felt the spark, and now we’re (re)matched! “

Ten common misconceptions people have about surrogacy

It’s been over a year since beginning our surrogacy journey, and we’ve learned a lot. By going public with our story, we’ve heard a lot of assumptions about surrogacy. To celebrate one year of blogging, I’m sharing the 10 most common misconceptions about surrogacy that I’ve heard and what the reality truly is. Myth #1:Continue reading “Ten common misconceptions people have about surrogacy”

Our match fell through

When we began our surrogacy journey, we dreamt up what our perfect surrogate might be like. We hoped she’d be kind, funny, a loving and attentive mother, warm, and spirited. We looked forward to creating a friendship and building the kind of trust you can only imagine you’d need before letting someone carry your baby.Continue reading “Our match fell through”

Family traditions we’re excited to pass down

This time of year, aside from being incredibly busy, always brings me a childlike sense of joy. While I am not a big fan of cold weather (if you are, can you tell me your secret?), it warms my heart to take part in the many annual traditions I grew up with. Zane and IContinue reading “Family traditions we’re excited to pass down”

The results are in: our embryo update!

Today is Day 7 post-retrieval and I just received the call from the clinic about our final number of frozen embryos. I won’t lie – the past 24 hours have been emotionally taxing. I’ve probably felt this way thanks to two things: unrealistic expectations I had for how many embryos we would end with andContinue reading “The results are in: our embryo update!”