Dear Ms. Right…

A letter to our future surrogate

We’ve heard it takes a village to raise a child, and this baby already has a solid county.

Dear future surrogate,

It’s exciting to think that as you read this, the very first part of our story together is unfolding! After nine years together, we’re excited to be starting the next chapter in our lives as parents. A little about us – we live in Toronto with our cockapoo puppy Dodi and spend summer weekends on Georgian Bay. Family means everything to us – so much so that some of our very first dates together included meeting parents, siblings, and grandparents. As the oldest siblings and cousins in our family, it’s not just us waiting patiently for Baby Colt to arrive. We’ve heard it takes a village to raise a child, and this baby already has a solid county.

Surrogacy isn’t a novel or frightening concept to us. In fact, Baden was first told she likely couldn’t carry as a teen. While this isn’t what any young girl would like to hear, it did offer the silver lining of ample time to come to terms with the news and to find a supportive partner. Our hearts, home, and families are incredibly ready for a baby – the only thing missing is YOU.

So what are we hoping to find in a surrogate? To put it simply; a friend, mom-mentor, and someone who likes to laugh. We want to be active participants in this process, attending appointments, offering support, and building a lasting relationship over the length of our journey together. To us, a dream ‘match’ isn’t one that just happens quickly. It has to feel right – like the way we felt when we met each other (Baden told a friend after only a few weeks that she knew she’d marry Zane!) If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to give the greatest gift of all to a couple who can’t do it themselves, we’d love to meet you!

All our love and admiration,

Baden and Zane

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