The myth of the vain Intended Mother

When Kim Kardashian came forward a few years ago stating that she would be working with a gestational surrogate to have her third child, the media exploded. It seemed like everyone had something to say about Kim’s choice, and very little of it was kind. Even the people I knew who didn’t typically follow celebrityContinue reading “The myth of the vain Intended Mother”

Picking an agency (or going ‘indy’): Part 1

Perhaps we’re biased, because we’re in the thick of it now, but finding the right match is probably the most difficult part of the surrogacy journey. While surrogacy doesn’t require a paid agency in Canada, it is often a helpful resource for IPs and surrogates alike. We are going to break down our agency evaluationContinue reading “Picking an agency (or going ‘indy’): Part 1”

“Why don’t you just adopt?”

“Oh, you can’t carry on your own? Why don’t you just adopt?” This is something I’ve heard a number of times. So far, I’ve answered it just about the same to everyone: that it’s important to my partner and I to try to have biological children for the same reasons it was before we realizedContinue reading ““Why don’t you just adopt?””

How does surrogacy work in Canada?

So…what’s the deal with gestational surrogacy? Unlike in other parts of the world, surrogacy in Canada is entirely altruistic–meaning that a surrogate can only carry a pregnancy unselfishly, and not for any sort of compensation. The laws that govern surrogacy in Canada stem from the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, 2004 or the AHRA. The lawContinue reading “How does surrogacy work in Canada?”