Surrogacy update: 24 weeks

We’ve finally reached 24 weeks! This point in the pregnancy is often referred to as ‘reaching viability’, because that’s when most doctors agree that a baby has a chance of survival outside the womb. While we’re definitely not ready for baby’s arrival just yet (stay snug, little one!), it’s exciting to know that we have cleared this point in gestation.

Pregnancy updates

Last Thursday I took the train from Toronto to the station near Ashley’s hometown for a sleepover at her place ahead of our early morning appointment with our OB, Dr. Lovett. Ashley, her husband, and I had a great time watching TV, eating popcorn, and catching up. On Friday, we enjoyed breakfast with her kids and then hit the road bright and early, snagging an okay parking spot and then making our way inside.

The appointment itself was pretty routine, and baby seems to be growing on track. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a walk around the mall followed by lunch. While I had hoped that Baby Colt would decide to kick while I was visiting, it decided to stay quiet the whole time. I’m hoping next time we see each other I can feel some movement. If you have tips to encourage movement let me know!

Getting ready for baby

Something about being well past the halfway point is making this very real, and I’m quickly realizing how much we still have to do before this baby arrives! I’ve received some wallpaper samples for the accent wall in the nursery and placed an order for a glider chair, but otherwise there hasn’t been a lot of other progress in that room. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what’s left to do, especially when I look on social media at perfectly curated nurseries and playrooms in the homes of my favourite influencers.

Beyond preparing our space for baby, I keep wondering: have I read enough books? Which courses I should be signing up for? Worst of all, are the things I don’t even know that I need to prepare for? So many people tell me that it’s intuitive and I’ll learn to swim as soon as I’ve jump in, but parenting a newborn often looks like speaking a completely foreign language. I’m nervous because I want to do it all right, and because I know this baby deserves nothing less than the best parent I can be.


One thought on “Surrogacy update: 24 weeks

  1. My IM can feel the baby move especially after I eat! Or if I have something sugary like a soda or candy. For me personally the baby always seems to move most when I lay down and try to rest. I think when I am up moving I keep her rocked and asleep but then when I want to rest or sleep she get crazy!


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