Setting up our baby registry with Babylist!

We’ve finally reached an exciting milestone in our journey to Baby Colt – setting up our first baby registry! With our surrogacy and infertility journey, I’ve had plenty of time to think (and overthink) a lot of things, including where to register. While I initially wasn’t sure, the decision became clear when a stumbled across Babylist online. I want to be clear: this is not a sponsored post. I’m just genuinely impressed with my experience and think what they’re offering deserves a pat on the back so I wanted to highlight it.

They’re actively surrogacy-inclusive

Representation matters, and Babylist does surrogacy representation in a way I haven’t seen any major baby company do. While signing up for my registry, it immediately gave me a space to identify that I am expecting via surrogacy. In fact, how I was expecting (pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, or still trying to conceive) was the first question the app asked me. I can’t tell you how amazing that felt to see. It’s unusual for parents-to-be by surrogacy to not only feel seen in our experience, but also to know that a company is actively normalizing surrogacy, and I applaud their effort.

It allows me to easily add items from any store in one place

I can be indecisive. When selecting items for Baby Colt’s registry, I knew I wanted some from one store and some from another. Setting up a ‘traditional registry’ at a big box store didn’t suit my needs or personality. I love some items from larger baby brands that are widely available (like Uppababy), but also feel passionate about supporting small businesses and local sellers using Shopify and Etsy. If I had registered with a local baby boutique, I might not be able to include all of the things I hope to get for our baby.

On top of the convenience of adding items from anywhere, the app and website happen to be incredibly user-friendly. I could easily sort my registry list into categories and add notes for my friends to see about colours, sizes, and more.

Overall I’m incredibly happy with my experience setting up our Babylist registry so far, and excited to review my friend’s lists for inspiration on what items to add to mine. If you’re expecting via surrogacy, it’s worth remembering which brands stand in our corner and are doing their part to make our experience as parents-to-be as ‘ordinary’ as possible.


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