We found our match!

Team Baby Colt is complete – we’re so ready for this journey!

After months of searching, we have finally found our match! We are so incredibly grateful to have met Sarah, and humbled that she would like to act as a gestational carrier for us. The feeling is overwhelming. We are elated, relieved, and anxious all at the same time. We are eager to begin our next steps and grow our bond together.

How did we meet?

Sarah reached out to us on Instagram! She was interested in surrogacy and Zane and Dodi’s recent reel caught her eye. We started chatting and felt the chemistry right away. We introduced her to our agency, 4U Surrogacy Canada, to begin pre-screening before we had a formal video chat.

What is she like?

Sarah and her family live about two hours away from us. They are kind, sweet, and caring people. We were looking for someone trustworthy and warm who was 100% on board with bringing home Baby Colt. Sarah is all of that and more!

What happens next?

It just so happens that Baden’s cycle is perfectly aligned to begin IVF at CReATe Fertility Centre THIS WEEK! We are starting a pretty standard short protocol, with about 11 days of shots and pills. We will be explaining lots more as we go through this process.

While the eggs are being retrieved and the embryos are created, Sarah and her partner are being screened medically. After that, our embryos will be tested while we start to discuss contracts. Once all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed we could be looking at transferring an embryo before the end of the year. That is really exciting and very scary!!

We’re so excited to share this big milestone with our friends and family. We look forward to keeping everyone up-to-date as we clear each hurdle!

Baden and Zane

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