The waiting game

An Algonquin Park sunset during our recent camping trip

I’ve gotten several messages lately asking variations of the same question: “We haven’t heard an update lately, what’s going on?”.

We haven’t posted much to the blog (or Instagram) lately, so it’s fair to wonder if we’ve been holding a secret close to our chest waiting to share it with the world. While we’ve got a lot on the go in our lives lately, we’ve hit a bit of a lull in the progression of our surrogacy journey. For the past little while I figured that a lack of updates on our end meant there wasn’t really anything to share, but I’m beginning to think I was wrong.

Zane and I are in a common part of fertility journeys that is often neglected in conversation: the waiting period. Is there exciting news we can share? Maybe not. But as I speak to other IPs, each and every one can sympathize with us. It seems that everyone has been there. This oft-forgotten part of infertility has been teaching us the value of patience, and from what my friends who are parents tell me we’ll be needing that learned patience in heaps once we have a child of our own.

Even though I wish we were further along in our journey to parenthood, I know that we can’t pause our lives while we wait. This summer has been filled with so much joy. We’ve gone camping with friends in Algonquin Park, had summer BBQs, weekends at the cottage with our family, and have been turning our new house into a home (renovations and decorating galore!). Zane even began a new job last week – a huge career milestone which I’m so proud of him for. Any Intended Parent knows that infertility can become all-consuming. It’s our job not to let it be.

In the meantime Zane and I are staying the course. Physically, I am working out, taking supplements to support egg quality and general health, and trying to stay in tip-top shape. Mentally, Zane and I are as in-tune with ourselves and each other as can be. We’re both in a place where we’re ready for next steps and our job now is to keep our spirits up.


P.S. Are you an Intended Mom based in Canada? You don’t have to go at this alone. Myself and a handful of other Intended Moms are building a community of support on Instagram through a private Instagram group chat. Message @notmytummy to request to be added!

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